About Me

Many words could be used to discribe me. From the most basic like "girl" to some with more distinct characteristics like "Chocoholic". I'm a musician, an artist, a daughter, a sister, a photographer, a book lover, a babysitter, a tea and coffee fanatic, a sociology/psychology geek, a writer, a high school freshman, a theology geek, and many other things. However, this is not my true identity. My true identity doesn't lie in my personality or in what I do, it lies in the God who has redeemed my soul.

I would be absolutely nothing without my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He took me from my dead and "uglified" state and is transforming my heart and mind to His beautiful one. In Him I am finding my identity and beauty, but without Him I am nothing more than dirt and filth. That's where the name for my blog came from, I am nobody, but the God I worship is everything. I look at myself, and I look at the God that would come to earth and die for me, and I know that I am nothing. I am a nobody. The name also comes from my hero, Amy Carmicheal's, pen name that she had when she was a young woman.

Esther 4:16 is one of my life verses that my dad gave me a few years ago when looking for a good email address. It's the verse when Esther tells Mordecai that "If I perish, I Perish". She was willing to do whatever it was for the sake of her people and for the sake of what's right. She faced death with amazing courage and strength, and she has set an example for me that I want to emulate.

So I guess with that out of the way some of you might want to know a little bit about me in the areas of what I enjoy doing and my life. All those things mentioned above are true. I have been blessed with a great family that I term as "hefty" sized (five kids), which could also be translated as the size that you can still fit in a normal van but with no room to spare.

God has given me some distinct passions in my life. Firstly, the gospel. Which I have already mentioned as my identity. Secondly, a double passion: India and modern day slavery. God has burdened my heart with these things and I doubt He will ever remove them. My dream is to someday counsel former sex slaves and prostitutes in the Red Light disctricts of India, but as my mom always says, "hold your plans with an open hand" and I intend to do just that. Thirdly, music. I write (and arrange), sing, play three instruments, listen, am an apprentice teacher, street musician, and whatever else you can think of related to music.

 Personality wise, I'm best described as a mixture of Anne Shirley, Jo March, Elizabeth Bennett, and the crazy girl from the Progressive commercials. I have an obsession with poetry, British Literature, Audrey Hepburn, Jane Austen, converse shoes, fair trade stuff, the smell of books, making coffee creations, being frugal, thrift stores, violins, the color yellow, witty humor/banter, my brothers' laughs, and late night conversations. 

Please also visit the blog I coauthor for young women Imperishable Beauty. You can also follow me on Twitter.  I love to get to know my readers so please leave a comment. So, on the surface that's me. But if you want to learn anymore just read my blog! Happy reading!
In Christ alone, Olivia